Civil Liability, compulsory insurance for students

À quoi sert la Responsabilité Civile ?
icone assurance

Civil Liability is mandatory for your admission in higher education and it is essential in internships.

It is the continuity of your school insurance!

It covers acts of clumsiness, by providing financial assistance to cover the damages you could cause to others during your daily activities: in class, internships, student jobs, nights out…

A must-have continuity
of your school insurance

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Medical Civil Liability

If you are a medical or paramedical student, you are also covered for medical liability during the first years of your studies; during your internships, when you are on-call or caregiving in a hospital department, clinic or private practice.

Fonds Solidarité Exam

'Solidarité Exam' :
A bonus feature included in your guarantee

‘Solidarité Exam’ is a plan that allows you to benefit from the payment of a capital of 5000€ in case of failure to appear for an exam

  • due to the death of a relative (father, mother, spouse or child)
  • or of an illness resulting in a complete hospitalization of 5 consecutive days

To benefit from this fund, it's very simple, just contact Heyme.

Pack RC +

Civil Liability Pack +

To go further, we offer you an improved CL including worldwide repatriation assistance. It will cover you when you travel and take care of your medical costs and medical transport in the event of illness or accident.

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Why subscribe to a Civil Liability
policy as a student?

Tout savoir sur la Responsabilité Civile dans ta vie quotidienne
icone assurance

First of all, it is mandatory to have it because a small unfortunate event could cost you a lot of money! For example, you accidentally drop your teacher's overhead projector… Oops, what a disaster, and the bill is going to be very high !

Don't worry, by subscribing to a civil liability, the insurance will take care of compensating the victim for repairs or replacing the device. No stress.

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